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We make passementerie

We make passementerie
September 1, 2017 nicholas conidi

Having always been based in Turin, we can proudly state that we are the oldest braids and trimmings business in Europe still in the hands of the founding family. Bows, fringing, chevrons, edging, tie-backs and rosettes; trimmings have always been distinctive and elitist, having enjoyed their golden age in the 19th century. Our family’s first traces in the textiles sector date way back to the 1600s, with Giovanni Battista, in the University Statutes of the master weavers of silk, silver and gold fabrics. In the 1700s, it was the turn of Massia Giuseppe Domenico, and then came the 1800s, the century of its official constitution as supplier of braids and trimmings to the Royal House of Savoy, with the end of the century being dominated by Vittorio, who, being both voluble and creative, defined the shop as it is today.

Il più antico documento trovato che attesta l’esistenza della famiglia in ambito tessile. Giò Battista Massia. 1600
1700. Domenico Giuseppe Massia

The 20th century was characterised by the two world wars. These were difficult times and our company suffered severe damages. This didn’t stop Giovanni, known by his closest friends as Nino, however, from continuing the family tradition. Concentrating on the marketing and sale of trimmings, in-house production became highly specialised in historical reproduction and restoration, with Nino’s son, Vittorio, becoming an essential part of the family business.

“Our fortune has been that we have followed the changes in the way we work, but without allowing ourselves to be caught up in the frenzy of modern life at all costs. We have tried to dose tradition and technology, always upholding quality as our point of reference. We still use old, recycled looms which process much less product, but with much greater precision than modern looms. The trimming sector also has a “fast food” version: anonymous mass productions, companies that repeat a single product for as long as there is demand.”

(Gente di Piemonte by Carlo Petrini)

We are undoubtedly fortunate; we have treasured everything left to us and taught to us by our fathers and grandfathers, entitling us to contribute to Italy’s levels of excellence. The company is currently managed by Max Massia, who continues to pursue a philosophy of “slow-work”: thinking globally while remaining small. Hence the idea of telling our story; the pace, colours and shapes of what is a passion and, above all, an incessant work of creativity and research.


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